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Bhopal - Union Carbide

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Bhopal - Union Carbide
Question :
1.   What are the ethical issues raised by this case?
2.    What is the legal doctrine of "limited liability" apply to protect shareholders of Union Carbide Corporation (U.S.)?
3.   Were the Indian operations, which were being overseen by the managers of Union Carbide Corporation (U.S.), in compliance with legal or moral or ethical standards?

Answer :
1.    Ethical issues of this case regarding environmental negligence and responsibility which has resulted in many casualties of poisonous methyl isocyanate gas leak from the Union Carbide pesticide plant.
2.      No, the legal doctrine does not apply to protect the shareholders, but detrimental to the shareholders so that raises the ire of shareholders as a result of losses suffered. In addition, it was reported that Union Carbide in Bhopal have been losing money for several years.
3.    Not in accordance with the laws, norms and ethics because Union Carbide had ignored warnings that have been given by American managers to fix 10 major weakness in the equipment and safety procedures. Thus, the occurrence of a gas leak and cause many casualties as a result of the negligence of the Union Carbide

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