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Kelas   : 3EB10
NPM   : 25212997

TOEFL (Test OF A Foreign Language) is a test that measures your English reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. If you want to study abroad that are used by universities to students accepted. I have several ways to solve a written test on the TOEFL test of my college professor named Ms Wati Purnama.  
Here are 3 steps to setences:1. First, you must analyze the verb of setences. Then you can put the subject, verb, object and complement (if any).2. Look complementary to time adverbs in sentences so that you will know tenses.3. Determine the subject for singular or plural noun then you can solve the verb if false in sentences. 
Example:Jakarta has a lot of big mall
step 1verb is a word used to describe an action and to-be can also be a verbso also is a verb
Jakarta has a lot of big mall

Jakarta has a lot of big mall     S      P            O
step 2If there are no instructions for the adverb of time so that we can see whether it is the simple present tense.
step 3You can see Jakarta as a subject in setences so that you can determine it is a singular noun in the singular noun then we have to use the verb "have" to this sentence.
There are a few tips for you to solve sentences hope it can make you have a better score on your TOEFL test.

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